About The Center

The Center of Port Huron is an independent non-profit (501c3) recovery community center located in the high poverty and red zone of the city. A one-stop solution resource center… rooted in community, relationships, and empowered by its reputation, this center represents and assists people in short and long-term recovery, those seeking recovery, their families, friends, allies, and recovery-focused addiction and recovery professionals from organizations and houses that honor all pathways of recovery.

The Center of Port Huron aims for being the best and encourages in all staffing to think differently (outside the box) and challenge the status quo. One of the important facts about The Center’s success and motivation is simplicity and creativity, treating all people with respect and dignity, by name and not number, and listening to their needs for services instead of deciding for them.

The Center of Port Huron has multiple levels of collaboration with a wide variety of organizations internal and external to its physical building and property. This unique and flexible network of non-profit organizations is designed to help individuals and families break the cycle of poverty and addiction through resources, education, prevention, and support. It reduces duplication and secures additional resources to share information and best practices effectively addressing the needs of individuals and the community. The Center works together with all helping organizations for support and collaboration to improve services, achieve greater impact and address all complex issues. It fosters communication and positive relationships among diverse cross-sector organizations and the community.

The Center of Port Huron pro vides a network of formal and informal services developed and mobilized to help attain and sustain long term recovery for individuals and families impacted by substance abuse and to remove the stigma of recovery within society at large and the community.